What Are the Advantages of Living in Chicago?

What Are the Advantages of Living in Chicago?
June 01. 2021

There are numerous nicknames for the city of Chicago in Illinois. You may know it as “Chi-Town,” “Mud City,” or the “Windy City.” Any nickname you associate with Chicago is your experience of the city. But what are some of the advantages of living in Chicago?

Here are some famous handles for the town that tell you some of its better features. You should get your pen; you are about to take notes!

Chi-Town- Yes, the Sports!

One of the more dominant features of living in Chicago is sports. If you are an avid sports fan, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Chi-Town.

Living in or moving to Chicago means you get the opportunity to join the Chicago sports and social club where meeting people is a breeze, and you get to be physically active. There are hockey teams- the Blackhawks, Chi-Town Shooters, and Shamrocks, both of which you can proudly support.

There are also the Cubs and the White Sox baseball teams if you are not into hockey. Maybe you are into football- in that case, you can carry the Chicago Bears. If not football, you may like basketball, and that means you can shout for the Bulls! Whatever your fancy, you buy into the best sports city in America if you buy a house in Chicago.

City by the Lake- The Outdoors

If you never hear another praiseworthy thing about Chicago, you are sure to hear about the majestic outdoor life. The city of Chicago lounges right on the banks of Lake Michigan. The lake is one of the most prominent ones globally and provides numerous benefits for residents and visitors.

In the summer, taking a walk along the shores of the lake is a joy like none other. The crisp wind and the calm soothe your hot body. In addition, the city has many beautiful parks and jaw-dropping natural areas to which few other American cities can hold a candle. With over 500 parks, you should consider visiting either Lincoln Park, Millennium Park, or even Grant Park.

When you think about buying a home, you need to consider purchasing a home in Chicago, especially if you have a family. With this much open space, you are looking at the ideal place not just to live but to raise your children.

The City that works- Access to Jobs

When Richard Daley occupied the mayor’s office in Chicago, he said something profound that rings true for the Windy City up to the present. Mayor Daley said that Chicago was a “blue-collar” and a “hard-working” city.

These are genuinely valid words. Living in Chicago means access to a lot of opportunities on the job market. Chicago is one of those cities where you can quickly start your own company.

Young startups thrive here because of the travel and tourism industries. In addition, many office headquarters and large corporations’ main offices are in the big Mud City.

Jobs are readily available in the manufacturing, food processing, publishing, and financial industries. When you compare the growth rate on the job market in Chicago to the overall job growth rate in the United States, Chicago has a rate of 1.8% compared to 1.5% for the national average.

In 2020, Chi-Town added approximately 90,000 new jobs, surpassing the city of Los Angeles. If you are willing to push yourself to “go for the cheddar,” you do not need to worry about where your next salary will come from when you live in Chicago.

The Heart of America- Reliable Transportation

Chicago is one of America’s largest transportation hubs. Chicago homes come with the added benefit of never needing to own a vehicle.

Even the remote locations have direct access to the public transportation network. You can access transportation via bus, rail or air. It is reliable and well maintained for cost-effectiveness and functionality.

In addition to this benefit, the city also has access to a bike-sharing system. The system offers convenience for users who want to get around the city comfortably.

Air transportation in Chicago is more efficient than in many other towns. Whereas you need connecting flights from major airports in other cities, Chicago offers non-stop flights from O’Hare International Airport to many places.

3 Added Benefits of Living in Chicago

The fantastic city of Chicago, as you can tell by now, has many benefits. However, to help you understand even more how great it is to live here, read on to learn about a few others. Get to know a little about the food, diversity, and culture.

1. The Food

Chicago is the birthplace of many culinary delights. It is undoubtedly one of those cities named among the best in the US. Numerous celebrity chefs will draw your attention in Chicago.

One example is the infamous Stephanie Izard, who won Bravo TV’s Top Chef. Another example is Grant Achatz, who did not let tongue cancer derail him from creating his culinary legacy. However, the food that you will hear the most buzz around is Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza!

If you add street foods to this list, you cannot escape the tasty hot dogs. No matter what style of cuisine you want, you can find it in the 321 (another nickname for Chicago).

2. The Diversity

Chicago is a blend of ethnicities and will forever be the city where discrimination is low. People from various nationalities reside in Chicago.

The community in Chi-Town is tolerant and a beautiful place for your entire family. In addition, Chicago is open right around the clock. The nightlife is fantastic! Whether you want to purchase groceries in the wee hours of the morning or you want to find a bar to hang out, Chicago is the place.

3. The Culture

Apart from being a diverse city in terms of the people you can associate with, no matter your race, Chicago is also diverse culturally.

It goes without saying that if you encourage diversity, your culture will become enriched. This rich culture is what Chicago offers if you decide on buying a house there. You can experience the improv troupe- Second City- in Chicago, the famous comedy club. Expect a night filled with laughter and relaxation when you go to Second City.

Another part of the cultural experience in Chicago is Broadway. There is a constant stream of entertainment available- from musicals to shows of all genres. Immerse yourself in the historical part of the city. The museums are renowned for art, science, and history.

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