Down Payment Assistance Grant

We are proud to announce our American Dream Grant​, Down Payment Assistance Program, designed to make your home ownership dreams a reality. Even if this isn’t your first-time home purchase.

Who is it for

Down Payment Assistance for first time home buyers OR repeat home buyer seeking reduced closing costs.

For anyone using FHA, VA, Conventional or USDA mortgage programs for their primary house.

We will help ANYONE qualify through the form of TRUE GIFT for down payment or in lieu of that through CLOSING COST CREDITS that can save you thousands at closing. ​

What does it cover

​Can be applied to down payment or closing costs up to 3% of total mortgage amount.

NO repayment requirements and NO second mortgages means INSTANT EQUITY to you

How do we do it

We ethically limit our profit margins internally and we transparently share the extra profit with you, our partner for life, in the form of closing cost credits or a true gift.  Our independence and non-affiliation to a Realtors Office means we are not under a legal duty to maximize profits for shareholders. Customer don’t know this but shareholders could own both the Mortgage Bank and the Realtor Company and direct their employees to refer their in-house lender to the customer to maximize profit at the customers expense.

​We also will not pay rent to Realtor owners for space in their offices to solicit the Realtors for referrals. We feel that the customer should always get independent representation for their mortgage so that each party will then share an honest opinion of the other parties to the transaction. This way the customer interest is best represented and they are always fully informed. ​

How we get paid

Mortgage Banks small or large like our self will lend to their capacity based on their customer deposits or their internal net worth. Once this limit is reached we transfer the loans to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA or USDA. The system has been around since the 1930’s and is designed to replenish banks. Imagine if you lend all your money in your wallet to your friends and someone offered to take the debt from you and then paid you back and hired you to collect the payments from your friends.

​This is how mortgage banking works in America. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac then sell your mortgage backed security or bonds to Wall Street Pension Funds or Mutual Funds who consider this a safe investment, unlike volatile stocks, backed by a house and backed by mortgage insurance in case of default. In effect Americans are lending to themselves every day with a lot of people in the middle in one big circle.

What makes us different

Our approach is to simply share the pie with you “the customer” in a transparent and ethical manner. Social Capitalism is designed to make society better through business. Our approach is long term as we know this is not the only transaction you will complete in your life and we hope to retain you as a customer for the very long term and gain your referral business. We focus on maintaining low overhead which includes keeping advertising expenses under control and not having a branch on every street corner as all this means is higher costs passed on to consumers. Keeping our expenses down means savings to you.

In addition, we offer the full spectrum of lending options for those customers who are low on funds and need help with a gift. Or those customers who just don’t want to waste their hard earned money on closing costs and would rather use it for paying off debt or home improvements. It takes a large investment of time and work to master the knowledge behind the many lending options for customers in the market but we train our licensed loan officers and take pride in offering a very professional and personal experience for our customers putting ourselves in their shoes as this was our own home.  ​

Call us today

Call for a free no cost no obligation consultation. It is just math and numbers don’t lie, people do.

Our goal is for you to know close to as much as we do and to have answered every question you have and answer questions you haven’t even thought of in anticipation of getting a mortgage. This is the most important investment of your life so you should take a few minutes with us to get a free second opinion. We take your financial future very seriously and realize the potential savings.