Purchasing A Home – Your Mortgage Process

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. At Market Place Mortgage Corp. we simplify the home buying process and make it as smooth as possible. ​Before you house hunt, it is important to have a pre approval letter in hand so you can answer this one simple question – “How much house can I afford?” Click below to begin your online mortgage pre approval and have it reviewed in just minutes.


Here’s What Market Place Mortgage Offers That Big Banks Don’t

Low or No Closing Cost options

For first-time or repeat homebuyers

Down Payment Assistance

Designed to make your home ownership dreams a reality.

Lender Credits at Closing

Bring less than 1% down at closing

100% VA Home Loans

For Veterans using VA Benefits / VA Certificate of Eligibility

Low credit score

Programs to buy a home with a low credit score (down to 580)

The 7 Steps To Home Ownership :


​​Talk to one of our licensed loan officers about your goals and we will structure a low cost and low rate path to make your dream come true.

Preliminary Automated Underwriting

We will ask for your income and assets documents and review your liabilities on your credit report.

Search For A Home

Your Realtor will show you properties that make financial sense for you.

Make An Offer

​Your Realtor will write up an offer. Upon acceptance you will have the home mechanically inspected during contract review period.

​Submit Updated Application To Underwriting

We will update the application to reflect the home and ask for updated pay stubs and banks statements.

Clearing Approval Conditions

​​Clearing Approval Conditions: Appraisal will be ordered to verify value and title requested from seller to verify ownership. Underwriting may ask for additional conditions upon reviewing documents provided.

Clear To Close And Closing At Title Company

Three days before closing we will recap the numbers with you and closing will be scheduled at the Title Company where your funds will be waiting for disbursement to the seller upon you signing the closing package which includes the Note and the Mortgage. ​
Congratulations! You Will Now Become A New Home Owner. Now The Fun Begins!


Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced homeowner, we all know how difficult and stressful the home buying process can really be. Market Place Mortgage Corp. is here to help our consumers through every step of the home buying process.

  • We guarantee customer satisfaction by keeping you updated on current market knowledge as well as informing you about our variety of different mortgage products.
  • Market Place Mortgage Corp. values transparency with the mortgage and home buying process from the beginning to the end of the transaction.
  • By informing our borrowers of the different products that we make available to them, we are able to put them into a home and mortgage loan that will best suit their financial needs.
  • We will earn your trust and make the home buying process a stress-free environment, because without your trust there is no reason for anyone to continue with the process.
  • Not only do we promise to keep you informed every step of the way, but we also help take the weight off your shoulders, ease the pressures of the Real Estate market, and help you buy a house quickly and with ease.
Here’s How Easy We Make It To Get Pre-approved For A Home