About Us

Welcome To Market Place Mortgage Corp.

Founded in 2008 by seasoned mortgage professionals with no place to go to share their ideal respect for customers Market Place Mortgage, like the name intended, was designed to offer choices to customers and put the customer first. We are a mortgage bank that offers the full spectrum of every lending option in the market, including wholesale options, on our retail “shelves” which means less loopholes to jump through in order to get a mortgage closed quickly. This approach requires 100% transparency to the client and ethical lending options. This also means treating the customer as a business partner, and not just the Realtor. Let us rebate to you excess profit. Mortgage banks, when there is a need to replenish funds, are eventually paid ultimately through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae ( aka FHA ) who then fund themselves by selling mortgage backed securities to Wall Street pension funds and mutual funds. Banks are generally then hired to service your loan and collect payments as a debt collector. The difference with Market Place is that we ethically cap our profit internally so that you have reasonable control now of what rate and rebate options you would like to choose. With this rebate we can buy down to a very low rate and/or rebate you thousands potentially to pay your closing costs.

It is not too good to be true and you won’t know for sure until you give us a call. We are a family owned company that believes in social capital which means not being motivated purely by profit margin. We are people like you that want to make a difference for the better of society and if that means saving you thousands at your closing so you can buy furniture or saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest on your loan so you can send your child to college then we are all happy. A true win win. Call us or apply today and help share our vision of ethical lending. We look forward to helping you.