You worked for your home. Now your home can work for you!

There are many reasons to refinance including:
  • Lower current mortgage rates
  • Consolidating a high rate adjustable home equity loan into a low rate fixed first lien mortgage
  • To obtain a reverse mortgage
  • Refinance student loans
  • Refinance car
  • Getting rid of mortgage insurance
  • Getting cash out
  • Going to a shorter loan term like a 15-year mortgage

Market Place Mortgage is proud of the fact that we will credit you at closing to pay your closing costs. We can do this for the following reasons:

  •  We ethically cap our revenue from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae ( aka FHA ), VA and USDA. These institutions pay ALL mortgage banks in America to originate loans which they buy when banks run out of money to lend since the 1930’s. These institutions then sell your mortgage backed security to Wall Street pension funds and mutual funds that buy a safe investment that is safer than stocks as it is backed by a house often with mortgage insurance to pay out for the loss if there is a foreclosure. Ironically you may be able to buy your own mortgage. Americans are lending to themselves indirectly, who knew! From this revenue from these institutions we rebate you credits at closing. We share the profit with you transparently and honestly at closing and treat you as a future partner for life.
  • We are family owned and not under a legal duty to maximize profit for corporate shareholders and feel the customer should benefit from our Social Capitalism. Making society better through ethical business practices.
  • We like making clients happy and educating them. As a result, our customers come back to us for multiple transactions. We share the pie with them every time and in the long run our volume sustains us as a business model this just makes sense to be honest.
  • We keep our overhead very low. The magic of the internet allows us to avoid the overhead of an expensive branch on every street corner. We also keep our TV and radio advertising budget down which means less costs passed on to our customers. How does sponsoring a Sports Stadium help your bottom line.
  • Heaven help us it is just the right thing to do!
Save thousands of dollars at closing. Avoid adding thousands of dollars into your loan that doubles in cost over 30 years of financing closing costs. Most people do not keep a mortgage for 30 years so why would our customers pay costs for something they are going to throw away. As part of this program we will call our customers every time rates drop, pay their closing costs to lower their rate and even shorten their term and remove their mortgage insurance so that they can use their savings to pay off other debt and pay off their home faster for a healthy retirement plan. Become part of the Market Place Mortgage family today.

Now is the best time to get a no closing cost refinance mortgage and put you savings to work for you. If you are looking to pay off credit card debt, make home improvements, lower your monthly mortgage payment, or just pay off your home faster – Market Place Mortgage will find you the cost-effective way to refinance your mortgage and keep money in your pocket. Furthermore, FHA Loan and VA Loan programs make it easy to qualify even with bad credit or low credit scores.

So many reasons to Call Today to learn more. Call or apply now for a free no obligation professional consultation on the most important investment of your life. Why not take five minutes to learn more. Knowledge is power!


Low and No Closing Cost Refinance Mortgages

Lender Credits at Closing

Cancel mortgage insurance (PMI) with as little as 5% equity in your home

100% VA Home Loans option for Veterans using VA Benefits / VA Certificate of Eligibility

Fast FHA mortgage refinances with no appraisal required -

Programs to get approved with credit scores as low as 550